Fabrication of Wood / Polymer Composite

AbdelAziz, Mohamed and Algahtani, Ali (2017) Fabrication of Wood / Polymer Composite. In: 12 th annual Research day , college of Engineering, 27/04/2017, King khaled unveristy.

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Composites, the wonder materials are becoming an essential part of today's materials due to the advantages such as low weight, corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, and faster assembly. They are extensively used as materials in making aircraft structures, electronic packaging to medical equipment, and space vehicle to home building. Fe3O4 /polymer composite is a new material will be fabricated in this project. New property for the polymer will be added such as magnetic properties and wear resistance. The project can be used as a method for recycling of polymer. In this present work, producing of wood/ polymer composite (thermoplastic polymer coded 04-1260) with different additions (20, 40 and 60%) was done using powder metallurgy method. A wear test used to study the behavior of wear of the investigated materials with different conditions ex: rotating speed. A microstructure examination carried out an optical microscope for both base material and composite materials reinforced with wood. Microstructure of composite has shown that a good distribution of wood for wood /polymer composite with all additions used. Hardness measurement was done for the investigated materials. Study has shown that the increasing of wood additions lead to increasing of the hardness more than the matrix and also more than wood only. The wear test carried out for the investigated materials and the results have shown that the increasing of wood additions the decreasing the wear rate of the composite materials than the matrix and wood only.

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