An Investigation into Effect of Butt Welding Parameters on Weldment Mechanical Properties

Tawfeek, Tarik and Hemaid, A and Gaheen, O. A. (2016) An Investigation into Effect of Butt Welding Parameters on Weldment Mechanical Properties. American Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 4 (3). pp. 92-98.


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points, resulting in welded joints as strong as the materials itself. The principle of butt fusion is to heat the materials ends to a designated temperature under pressure for a specified amount of time, then the materials ends are fused together under pressure for a period of time. In the present work a set of experiments has been conducted on base material of steel 52-3N (DIN 17100) to study the effect of butt welding process variables on the temperature distributions, welding thermal cycles behavior, peak temperature and the cooling rate for the steel butt-welding joints in the multiple pass welding process by means of the practically measurements. Also the effect of heat input which presented by the welding process variables on the mechanical properties of the welded joints has been investigated to reach the optimum welding variables which give the optimum mechanical properties. It is observed through the experiments that the optimum mechanical properties can be achieved at interpass temperature of 200º, welding voltage of 35V and welding speed of 6 mm/sec. The new model has been validated by conducting experiments on a cylindrical grinding machine. Results indicate that the proposed model shows a good agreement with the experimental data obtained. The results of experiments indicate that the proposed modeling method is both feasible and reliable. The results showed that the theoretical model was effective studying the output of cylindrical grinding process. Normal grinding force, vibration level, and roundness error in cylindrical plunge grinding processes are dependent on the workpiece surface memory.

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