Prevalence of visual errors and color blindness among university students

Mahaba, Hisham M and Alelyani, Mishael M and Elkhatib, Nouh M Prevalence of visual errors and color blindness among university students. Journal of Applied Medical sciences Innovator, 3 (4).

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Introduction: Good vision is essential for successful education process. Visual errors are common among school children and greatly affect their learning abilities. Also visual errors may predispose to more ophthalmic diseases like retinal detachment and glaucoma and lead to blindness. So screening for and correction of visual errors is an important school health care activity. Objectives: The study was conducted to assess the prevalence of uncorrected and corrected visual errors of refraction and color blindness among university students. Subjects and methods: A cross sectional study was conducted at the Faculty of applied medical sciences, KKU, Khamis, KSA.The study involved a cohort of 101 (37%) students out of a total number of 269 students. Screening for visual errors using Snellen's E chart was done. Also screening for color blindness was carried out using color vision charts. Students who had a visual acuity of 20l25 or less were referred for ophthalmological examination at hospital. Results: Myopia was the most prevalent visual error found ( 48.5%), followed by astigmatism 5%. Hyperopia was found in only 1% of students. Moreover one student (1%) suffered color blindness. Uncorrected myopia was discovered in 36 students (36%). They were referred to have eye glasses totally paid by KKU university. Conclusions and recommendations: Myopia affected a large number of students, screening detected most of these cases. As recommended the students were referred to get free eye glass paid by KKU. This study shows the importance of screening of students for visual errors and color blindness.

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Date Deposited: 06 Feb 2017 06:09
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