Assessment of Appropriateness of Gentamicin Level Monitoring With an aim to Further

Khaled M. ALAKHALI, K (2016) Assessment of Appropriateness of Gentamicin Level Monitoring With an aim to Further. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy, 35 (2). pp. 407-410. ISSN 0326 2383

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SUMMARY. The objective of study was to assess therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) of gentamicin. A retrospective review of documents forms of 108 patients receiving gentamicin were drug information centre, King Saud Medical City Hospital (KSMC), Riyadh. 82 patients were subjected to TDM. Although sampling time is crucial for computing data for TDM process, in study it was recorded only once (0.9%). Other medications were found in 93 (86.1%) patients. Regarding the documentation of gentamicin serum level, both gentamicin peak and trough levels were documented for 55 (50.5%) patients, peak level was documented only for two (1.8%) patients and for five (4.6 %) patients only trough level was documented, whereas for 46 (42.2 %) patients neither of peak nor trough levels were documented. Among the patient specific characteristics serum creatinine was recorded for 98 (90.7%) patients, although creatinine clearance was calculated for 91 (84.3%) patients. The reason for ordering the TDM was missing from all the patient records. Time of sampling and indications were found to be inadequate in almost all requests, necessitating measures initiated to educate and train the team involved in TDM process to as to have a meaningful monitoring of data.

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