A NEW TDMA-CR model for dynamic resource allocation in wireless networks

bhar, jamila and Ouni, Ridha and Zaidi, Monji and Tourki, Rached (2010) A NEW TDMA-CR model for dynamic resource allocation in wireless networks. A NEW TDMA-CR model for dynamic resource allocation in wireless networks, 4 (1). ISSN 0973-4406


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Wireless networks architecture contains mobile terminals randomly placed in cells managed by different APs (Access Points). Terminals are considered node generating different traffic types according to specific service classes. Supporting heterogeneous traffics over AP poses many questions about medium access and resource allocation. In this way, the present work study and analysis these constraints and proposes a novel technique for resources distribution. This technique, called TDMA-CR (Time Division Multiple Access-Compensation Reward) is designed at the mac layer of the AP. TDMA-based systems are considered the efficient access solution for resources allocation in wireless networks. A proposed TDMA/FDD-based mechanism is designed by a generic model in which time on the uplink and the downlink channels are divided into adjacent series of fixed-size TDMA frames. Each frame is further subdivided into a fixed number of slots to be dynamically allocated for different service classes (CBR, VBR). In this context, the solution may provide the ability to support multiple traffic types and to process them according to generic parameters. The basic idea is to provide slots reassignment, and to dynamically adjust connection parameters based on signalling information processing approach. This approach, based on resources compensation-reward, performs the WCAC (Wireless Call Admission Control) and gives solution to ameliorate link rate and traffic conditions. Simulation shows that it achieves optimal resources allocation, low connection reject probability, especially for CBR connections, and resources degradation avoidance for VBR and ABR connections, in comparable with TDMA technique.

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Date Deposited: 22 Aug 2017 23:26
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