Assessment of the Electrohydrodynamic Drying Process

Ahmedou, Sid’ Ahmed and Rouaud, Olivier and Havet, Michel (2009) Assessment of the Electrohydrodynamic Drying Process. Food Bioprocess Technol, 2 (3). pp. 240-247. ISSN 1935-5149

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Industries using energy-intensive processes are being forced to explore ways for reducing their energy consumption. In the food industry, air drying is one of the more energy-consuming processes. To reduce the energy consumption during this operation, alternative processes should be investigated. One promising alternative consists in the electrohydrodynamic (EHD) enhancement of heat and mass transfer. This paper analyses the literature and describes the great potential of this innovative process based on the generation of an electric wind by a corona discharge. The main aspects of this technique are discussed and special emphasis is given on its benefit for food processes. The main part of this paper concerns experimental investigations carried out to assess the EHD enhancement on the drying process. An experimental set-up was designed to measure the weight losses on a food product submitted to an electrostatic field and to a cross air flow. Present results confirm that, for a low cross air velocity, the ionic wind leads to an enhancement of the drying rate. The best results are obtained for the smaller distance between the food surface and the corona electrode. Nevertheless, the process is less efficient for a high air velocity. The last part deals with a numerical model that was developed to evaluate the electric parameters and the flow field in turbulent regime. This model provides useful information on the coupled phenomena and permits to explain the experimental observations and to help in designing EHD drying processes.

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