Posterior Palatal Seal (PPS): A brief review

chaturvedi, saurabh and Ali, Mariyam and A.K, Verma and Naeem, Ahmad and Anuj, Shukla (2014) Posterior Palatal Seal (PPS): A brief review. Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research. pp. 602-605. ISSN 2320-4818

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For retention of the maxillary denture during functional movements of the stomatognathic system like mastication, deglutition, and phonetics, it must maintain contact with the anterior portion of the soft palate. Correctly incorporated Posterior Palatal Seal into the prosthesis also helps in reduction of gag reflex, reduce food accumulation beneath the posterior aspect of the denture, reduce patient‟s discomfort when contact occurs between the dorsum of the tongue and the posterior end of the denture & the thickened area provides added strength across the denture. In the present review article, a brief overview is presented on the Posterior Palatal Seal importance and its clinical significance.

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