Chaturvedi, Saurabh and Ahmad, Naeem and Verma, AK and Krishna, Dev and Bashir, Taseer (2014) SALIVA: A MAGIC FLUID. International Journal of Pharmacology Research, 4 (4). pp. 191-193. ISSN 2249 - 7641


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The most commonly used laboratory diagnostic procedures involve the analysis of the cellular and chemical constituents of blood. Other biologic fluids are also utilized for the diagnosis of disease, and saliva offers some distinctive advantage. Whole saliva can be collected non-invasively, and by individuals with limited training. No special equipment is needed for collection of the fluid. Diagnosis of disease via the analysis of saliva is potentially valuable for children and older adults, since collection of the fluid is associated with fewer compliance problems as compared with the collection of blood. Analysis of saliva may provide a cost-effective approach for the screening of large populations. For professionals, saliva collection is safer than blood tests, which can expose health care providers to HIV or hepatitis virus. In the present article, an attempt is made to study the pharmacological implications of Saliva along with its magical role in Human physiology.

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