Heart Of Darkness as a modern novel

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Joseph Conrad (1857-1924)is a polish – English novelist who's considered to be one of the greatest modernist writers. Critics said that perhaps he is the major novelist of the modern style. When we read about modernist class of novelists, we can notice his name shining along with great modernist novelists like Virginia Woolf James Joyce and all those who have experimented daring new narrative techniques , new methods of character accessibility and who have made a revolutionary use of language .What is common in his novels is the sense of corruption and the feeling of society that has lost direction which is the root of modernism .Heart of Darkness is a masterpiece created by Joseph Conrad . This move is a bridge between the traditional structures of the 19th century novels and the new experimental style of writing novels .This paper is to shed the light on this novel as a modern novel . It also includes the definition and background of modernism and how the features of modernism are obvious in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness .

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