Pragmatic Change of Politeness Request Strategies in Arabic among Saudi Arabian Bilingual Adults

Alshahri, Tamra (2016) Pragmatic Change of Politeness Request Strategies in Arabic among Saudi Arabian Bilingual Adults. Masters thesis, Sussex University.

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This study examines the effect of l2 on L1 at the pragmatic level. Speech acts are the most revealing differences between languages from a pragmatic and linguistic perspective. This study investigates and compares the differences and similarities between request politeness strategies that bilingual Saudi speakers—who have been in the UK for two years—share with monolingual Saudi speakers and British speakers. The aim is to discover if learning English and engaging with English speakers everyday can change the way Arabic speakers from Saudi Arabia speak in their first language, specifically request politeness strategies. The study helps gain insights into the l2 effects on L1 at the pragmatic level. The question addressed in this study is—does learning English and living in an English-speaking country—Britain for two years or more—change the politeness strategies used to make a request by Saudi Arabic speakers in their first language? If it does change, how does it change? The analysis applied here is derived from Scollon and Scollon’s ( [1995]2001) politeness theory and Watts' theory (2003). Results show that Bilingual Saudis expressed a greater capacity to apply numerous techniques in the same settings as in situations 2, 4, 5, 6 while the reactions of the members involved techniques such as, direct techniques, conventional indirect techniques and non-conventional direct strategies. In a comparison undertaken amongst the bilingual Saudis, the native Saudis and the British, it was found that the fist resembled the second category more than the British.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: English Language
Divisions: Female College of Sciences and Arts - Khamis Mushyait > English Language
Depositing User: Tamra Alshahri
Date Deposited: 12 Nov 2017 19:09
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