A New Localization Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Social Network Analysis

Farrag, Mohammed and Abo-Zahhad, Mohammed and Doss, MM and Fayez, Joseph V (2017) A New Localization Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Social Network Analysis. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering. pp. 1-11.


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The application of wireless sensor networks is widely spread through the last years as it is well known in many fields and multiple applications. Localization of nodes within wireless sensor networks is one of the important topics in studying and managing these networks. The presented new localization technique combines the received signal strength indicator method which limits the communications between nodes to the range of accessible radiated signal, with a new trend which is social network analysis that deals with relationships between nodes in any network with metrics and layouts. By using mixed metric between degree and closeness, we will maintain the suitable elected seeds that will be anchors for around nodes inside the network. Trilateration calculations will be applied between optimized elected nodes with higher centrality to localize the target nodes.

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