A comparative study of saponification reaction in a PFR and CSTR

Danish, Mohd and Al Mesfer, Mohmmed K. (2015) A comparative study of saponification reaction in a PFR and CSTR. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences, 5 (11). pp. 13-17.


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A Comparative study of Saponification reaction has been conducted in a Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) and Plug flow reactor (PFR). The reaction chosen for investigation was hydrolysis of ethyl acetate with sodium hydroxide. The objectives here are to examine the effect of process conditions on steady state conversion and rate constant in a PFR and CSTR. The variables examined for comparative study are feed rate, temperature and residence time. Data were collected at constant concentration of 0.1 M of both the reactants and at a constant pressure of 1 atmosphere. A reaction conversion of 72.8% and specific rate constant of 1.27 L/mol.sec were obtained for PFR as compared with a decreased value of 48.6% and 0.0478 L/mol.sec for baffled CSTR under steady state conditions. Conversion increases with increase of temperature both in case of PFR and CSTR under studied range of temperature. Maximum conversion and rate constant of 68.4% and 0.688 L/mol.sec respectively were obtained for tubular reactor as compared with reaction conversion and rate constant of 63.4% and 0.127 L/mol.sec respectively for CSTR as temperature varies. For PFR with a reactor volume of 0.40 liter, reaction conversion varies from 50.4 % to 39.2 % corresponding to flow rates of 50 ml/min to 80 ml/min respectively. In case of CSTR with adjusted reactor volume of 1.5 liter, reaction conversion varies from 46.2% to 44.8% corresponding to feed rate values from 50 ml/min to 80 ml/min. In both cases of PFR and CSTR, residence time decreases with increased feed rate and this leads to decreased values of reaction conversion for both types of reactors. The results obtained in this investigation may be useful in maximizing the industrial level production of desired product and to predict the type of flow reactor more suitable for ethyl acetate saponification reaction

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Date Deposited: 26 Nov 2017 17:43
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