Geospatial analysis of Qadirabad-Baloki link canal in Pakistan.

Arshad, Muhammad (2014) Geospatial analysis of Qadirabad-Baloki link canal in Pakistan. American Journal of Science & Technology. pp. 334-339. ISSN 2375-3846

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Water is an important input for achieving agriculture growth and is considered to be the lifeline of agriculture activities. In Pakistan, unlined canals in almost all irrigation districts loses water through seepage and occasional breaches resulting in water logging, salinity and cropland inundation issues besides reduced water availability for crops irrigation. Water resource managers wish to give seepage proof lining to these old canals, however, due to high price tag of construction and environmental mitigation, initiating such elephantine projects would be excessively expensive. Conventional techniques of seepage detection and identification of areas prone to canal breaches along irrigation canals are expensive, time consuming and labor intensive, and in addition are generally not very accurate. Recent technological advancements in geospatial techniques have made it possible to investigate irrigation canals for various water related anomalies including seepage and sites susceptible to breaches. The goal of this research was to map water related anomalies along a segment of Qadirabad-Baloki link canal in the province of Punjab, Pakistan using on high resolution SPOT-5 satellite imagery.

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