Optimal Planning/Operation of a Power System Using Mathematical Programming

Mansour, Mohamed A.A. (2015) Optimal Planning/Operation of a Power System Using Mathematical Programming. Project Report. College of Engineering, College of Engineering.

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Abstract|ملخص البحث

In this project, we model and solve the UCP for the Southern region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the optimal power generation. The network consists of 7 plants located in Asir, Bish, Tahama, Jizan, Najran, El-Sheqiq, and Al-Baha. The problem objective is to minimize the startup, production, shutdown, and fixed cost. The model takes into account the power balance constraint, reserve constraint, minimum generation constraints, maximum generation constraints, ramp rate pos limit constraints, ramp rate neg limit constraint, start-in-off-then-on constraint, shut-if-on-then-off constraint, normal line flow limit constraint, and security line flow limit constraint. By solving the UCP defined in this project for the SEC in the Southern region in KSA, we can conclude that: the Bish and Al-Baha power plants are operating as an initial state for the solution given in this project. The optimal number of generators is 2 that gives the minimum costs based on the experimental work that has been done in the project. The average total cost of operation is equal to 7592357 compared with average of $75954. 61, $75939.75, $75989.66 for 1, 3, and 4 generators. The solution quality depends the proposed initial state for the 7 generators of the SEC. By doing some experimental work, we define the optimal combination is to make generators 2 and 7 work. The mixed-integer programming model defines the startup and shutdown schedule for all generators and also, define the offers for all generator types. The natural expansion of the project is to expand more constraints and more practical issues in the developmental model.

Item Type|تصنيف النتاج العلمي: Monograph |دراسةعلمية تخصصية (Project Report)
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Depositing User: Assoc.Prof Mohamed A.A. Mansour
Date Deposited: 11 Dec 2017 06:40
Last Modified: 11 Dec 2017 06:40
URI: http://eprints.kku.edu.sa/id/eprint/1636

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