Cluster based Zoning of Crime Info

Suresh Babu, Changalasetty and Saroja Thota, Lalitha (2017) Cluster based Zoning of Crime Info. 2nd IEEE International Conference on Anti-Cyber Crimes (ICACC). ISSN 978-1-5090-5814-3


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The criminal behavior is a disorderliness that is a combined result of social and economic aspects. The crime rate has expanded and the activities of criminals have broaden in last few decades due to better communication system and transport. Crimes cause terror and damage our community enormously in several means. In cities and towns the crime trends rises due to fast developmental activities and increase in population. In India, the regional location has a powerful impact on criminal activity. The CrimeInfo report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), India collects, analyze and publish the crime data. The crime profiling and zoning can be modeled with utilization of data mining. In this paper, we make cluster analysis by using k-means cluster algorithm on criminal dataset of India. The cluster input is used to create custom India map with the cluster zones of states. The custom maps displays an overall crime profiles of states which helps police and law enforcement department to take additional preventive measures to combat against the crime and plan advanced investigation strategies. The crime trend and zoning knowledge can also be helpful in cautioning police to increments and reductions in levels of actions

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