New Chaff Point’s Based Fuzzy Vault for Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem using PSO

Amirthalingam, Gandhimathi and Radhamani, G. (2016) New Chaff Point’s Based Fuzzy Vault for Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem using PSO. Journal of Kind Saud University – Computer and Information Sciences, 28 (4). pp. 381-394.

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An effective fusion method for combining information from single modality system requires Multimodal biometric crypto system. Fuzzy vault has been widely used for providing security, but the disadvantage is that the biometric data are easily visible and chaff points generated randomly can be easily found, so that there is a chance for the data to be hacked by the attackers. In order to improve the security by hiding the secret key within the biometric data, a new chaff point based fuzzy vault is proposed. For the generation of the secret key in the fuzzy vault, grouped feature vectors are generated by combining the extracted shape and texture feature vectors with the new chaff point feature vectors. With the help of the locations of the extracted feature vector points, x and y co-ordinate chaff matrixes are generated. New chaff points can be made, by picking best locations from the feature vectors. The optimal locations are found out by using particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. In PSO, extracted feature locations are considered particles and from these locations, best location for generating the chaff feature point is selected based on the fitness value. The experimentation of the proposed work is done on Yale face and IIT Delhi ear databases and its performance are evaluated using the measures such as Jaccard coefficient (JC), Genuine Acceptance Rate (GAR), False Matching Rate (FMR), Dice Coefficient (DC) and False Non Matching Rate (FNMR). The results of the implementation give better recognition of person by facilitating 90% recognition result.

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