Diaspora Consciousness in Jhabvala's Heat and Dust

Haseeb, Ahmed (2013) Diaspora Consciousness in Jhabvala's Heat and Dust. In: Minority Discourses. New Voices Publications, India, Aurangabad, India, pp. 403-405. ISBN 78-93-82504-01

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The word ‘Diaspora’ takes its origin from the movement of the Jews away from the Nazi-attacked provinces to various secure places around the world. Later the term has been widely used for any national group or individual spreading around the various parts of the world. The reasons for such migration especially in the 19th and 20th centuries vary. They may be education, employment, trade, marriage or any other political reason. Literature produced by such individuals is called ‘Expatriate Literature’ or ‘Diaspora Literature’. Jhabvala’s Heat and Dust (1975) is a case in point.

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