Naz, Fariha and Razzaq Khan, Saima and Chattha, M. (2015) NUMBER AND PATTERN OF ROOT CANALS IN MANDIBULAR INCISORS. Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal, 35 (4). pp. 695-698.

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This descriptive study was conducted to study the variation in number and pattern of root canals in mandibular incisors in a sample of Pakistani population. A Sample of 100 teeth extracted due to periodontal or carious destruction was surveyed through labio-lingual and lateral periapical radiographs. Roots were then sectioned at 1, 2 and 3mm from apex at 20° angulation along the long axis of roots. Sections were observed under stereomicroscope and number and shapes of root canals were recorded. Both observations were combined to classify the root canal patterns according to Vertucci’s Classification. Ninety one (91) roots canals were classified at Vertucci’s type I. Eight teeth showed double root canals. Two roots had Type V and six had Type III canal configuration. Labio-lingual periapical radiographs were unable to detect the second root canals in any of the teeth with double canals. The need for conducting more research with advanced imaging techniques and larger sample size was highlighted in this study. The limitation of periapical radiographs in locating lingual canals in mandibular incisors was also observed. Key Words: Vertucci classification, mandibular incisor, root canal, retreatment endodontics.

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