LiFi: The Future for Indoor Wireless Data Communication

Humara Yaqub, Malik Misbah, Mahjabeena najar (2016) LiFi: The Future for Indoor Wireless Data Communication. ISSN 2229-5518.


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This paper mainly focusing on discussion between existing wireless communication technologies and , their limitations and features and on the other hand it throws a light for a vibrant and one of the most popular future technology. It is the Era of mobile Technology where the connectivity is required all time. So, the demand to increase the bandwidth for these mobile computing devices become essential when live video streaming is required on any end user device. These tasks can vary from medical assistance to providing regular services. The aim of this research is to provide insight view of LiFi technology which is going to be the future technology for data communications due to its high bandwidth all time indoor availability with better connectivity and optimal QoS while having very low or no health effects due to radiation beams. This research also intended to highlight some limitations of LiFi technology so the researchers currently working on this novel technology should also consider those issues and try to address them by coming up with some better technology to overcome limitations and offering better features for the end users

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