Review on development progress of automatic manual transmissions control

Arabi, Amir and Da-tong, QIN and Attia, Nabil (2004) Review on development progress of automatic manual transmissions control. journal of Chongqing University-English Edition (JCQU-E), 3 (2). pp. 38-42. ISSN 1671-8224


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In recent years, the sustainable development of automatic manual transmissions (AMTs) control in vehicles is conspicuous. The control applications have grown fast and steadily due to the tremendous progress in power electronics components and the control software that enhance the requirements for delivering higher vehicles performance. AMTs control strategies achieve a reduction in the driveline dynamic oscillations behavior during gear shifting and clutch starting up processes. AMTs future expectations are an increase of torque capacity, more speed ratios and the development of advanced and efficient electronic control systems. This paper concerns with the progressing view of AMTs in the past, today and future, gives an overview of the potential dynamic problems concerned with AMTs and some control strategies used to solve those problems. Keywords: AMTs control strategies; clutch dynamic response; pneumatic transmission control

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