Quadriceps femoris angle- Open and Closed Kinematic chain exercises

Kakaraparthi, Venkata Nagaraj and Kakaraparthi, Lalitha and Gannamanenei, Vamsi Krishna (2014) Quadriceps femoris angle- Open and Closed Kinematic chain exercises. Lambert, Germany. ISBN 978-3-659-53151-4

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INTRODUCTION The Quadriceps (Q) angle is an important indicator of bio-mechanical function in the lower extremity. This measurement reflects the effect of the quadriceps mechanism on the knee. Measuring the Q angle provides useful information regarding the alignment of knee in frontal plane and its possible underlying pathology. Both Open and Closed kinematic chain exercises can influence patellar dynamics hence play a major role in maintaining normal Q angle. The rationale for selecting open versus closed chain exercises for the rehabilitation of extremity is based on the goals of the rehabilitation program and the potential benefits and limitations inherent in either form of exercise. So, this study is intended to compare the effectiveness of Open and closed kinematic exercises on Q angle in asymptomatic individuals. The test sample consist of thirty male subjects aged between 18-25 years, 15 in each group. In Group A the subjects were trained with open kinematic exercises and in Group B subjects were trained with closed kinematic exercises . Both the groups received exercises 5 days a week for a period of 4 weeks. Results: Statistical analysis shows that both groups which received exercises had an effect on the Q angle. Statistical comparisons were performed with “t”- test and ANOVA. The average number of weeks for improvement in Group I is 3.67 weeks and for Group II is 3.64 weeks. The ‘t’ value for Group I is 10.24 and for Group II is 10.98 with the probability p<0.05 which shows a significant effect on the Q angle.

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