Sialolithiasis Involving Parotid Gland: A case Report and Literature Review

Bhat, Mohammad Yunis Saleem and Mustafa, Abdel Bagi and Syed, Kamran Bokhari and Basheer, Sulphi and Elnager, Mutasim and Baig, Fawaz (2015) Sialolithiasis Involving Parotid Gland: A case Report and Literature Review. Indian j.Stomatol, 6 (3). pp. 76-78. ISSN 2229-306X

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Sialolithiasis is the formation of calcific concretions within the ductal system of a major or minor salivary gland. Approximately 10-20% of stones are found in the parotid gland and 1-5% in the sublingual gland. On classic radiographs; intraglandular and small stones may be missed and only about 20% of sialoliths are radiopaque. Treatment of parotid calculi includes conservative measures like increased hydration, milking of the stenson's duct. Extent of surgical treatment depends on the position of the calculi. The present article reports a case of parotid gland calculi in the stenson's duct and review of the literature

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