Evaluation Of Amniotic Fluid Volume In Diabetc Pregnant Women Using Ultrasonography

Adam, Mohamed and Tamboull, Jumaa and yousef, Mohamed and Sulieman, Abdelmoneim and Adam, Moaz (2014) Evaluation Of Amniotic Fluid Volume In Diabetc Pregnant Women Using Ultrasonography. Life Science Journal, 11 (2). pp. 127-130. ISSN 1097-8135

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The objective of this study is to assess and evaluate amniotic fluid volume in diabetic pregnant women in second and third trimester using ultrasonography. Also to determine the value of amniotic fluid volume in diabetic pregnant women and its incidence of polyhydramnios and oligohyramnios and determine the reasons of them in Sudan and its relationship with diabetes mellitus. The study depends on the international protocols in obstetrical scanning through which the data was collected on configuration of easy questionnaire?. The data was collected within the period from 18 March 2012 to 13 November 2012. This study included 100 pregnant diabetic women from different diagnostic hospitals and centers in Khartoum state. The study depends on the large single vertical deepest pocket. Most Sudanese population has abnormal incidence of polyhydramnois with the normal maximum vertical pocket ranging between 2 to 8 cm. Abnormally increase in amniotic fluid volume (AFV) polyhydramnios represent (56%) of sample size. Normal amniotic fluid volume (AFV) represent (41%) of sample size. Abnormal decrease in amniotic fluid volume (AFV) oligohydramnios represent (3%) of sample size. It is recommended to train health care providers in obstetric to measure amniotic fluid volume for early diagnosis to any abnormality (polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios) that may affect either the fetus or the pregnant diabetic women and to treat it early. It is recommended to facilitate availability of ultrasound machine in every hospital and medical health centers. It is recommended that other factors, which can affect the accuracy of amniotic fluid volume and contribute to differences should be evaluated in further studies.

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