The Accuracy of Ultrasound in Estimation Of Fetal Weight

Adam, Mohamed and Yousef, Mohamed (2014) The Accuracy of Ultrasound in Estimation Of Fetal Weight. LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.. ISBN 978-3-659-25951-7


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Obstetric Sonographic assessment for obtaining fetal biometric measurements to predict fetal weight has been integrated into the mainstream of obstetric practice in the last quarter of a century. To address the issue of normal fetal growth before term, several authors have started since 1960s and developed in utero fetal weight standard at Ultrasound with no single equation clearly superior due to the differences in methods, variation in racial, population socioeconomic characteristic, sample size, source of data, geographic location, and criteria of exclusion. It is not surprising that these studies differ considerably and do not directly represent the fetal growth in our community as well as there were few published data concerning fetal weight standard by using ultrasound in our community; and birth weight is not yet adopted in Sudan. This work intended to 1.evaluate the accuracy of Ultrasonography in predicting the normal birth weight at term.2.Develop in utero fetal weight. 3.Find out the optimal birth weight range. 4.Examine the validity of Hadlock formula in normal fetal weight prediction among Sudanese Ladies.

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