A Study of Factors Affecting the Flexural Tensile Strength of Concrete

Abul Hasan, Mohd and Ahmed, Mohd and Mallick, Javed (2014) A Study of Factors Affecting the Flexural Tensile Strength of Concrete. Journal of King Saud University- Science and Engineering.

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The deflection and cracking behavior of concrete structure depend on the flexural tensile strength of concrete. Many factors have been shown to influence the flexural tensile strength of concrete, particularly the level of stress, size, age and confinement to concrete flexure member, etc. The concrete members, in general, are of large continuous size and have at least minimum reinforcement introducing a confining effect to the concrete. The confining reinforcement increases ductility and large deflections in structures provide a good warning of failure prior to complete failure of the flexure member and also for efficient use of constructional material, it is desirable to take full advantage of long-term strength gain. Therefore, the effect of the factors like level of stress, age and confinement of concrete member should be given prime importance while studying the flexure tensile strength of concrete. This paper presents an experimental study done to predict the flexural tensile strength considering the confinement conditions and age of concrete for a wide range of concrete strengths (from 30 to 85 MPa). It is concluded that the factors like confinement conditions and age of concrete should be given due consideration in deriving the flexural tensile strength and compressive strength proportionality equations.

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