An Algorithmic Model to Renew Infected Liver Volumes

Abbas, Mohamed (2017) An Algorithmic Model to Renew Infected Liver Volumes. 2017 International Conference on Electrical and Computing Technologies and Applications (ICECTA).

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Liver is uncovered to several risks that lead to damage its cells. Liver is a gland which then accumulate toxic drugs. The multiple cells exposed to damage by a numeral of viruses, which most notably C virus. Many researches focused on many of the researches describing the roles of the liver and the degree of resistance to this virus. Many scientists clarify a lot of information about the risk of revelation to viruses and toxins, which in turn lead to the existence of multiple damaged areas of the liver. This information highlights the need to find an effective method for the synthesis of real estate can revive the liver cells. This paper provides an analytical model for the assets specifications which can be used in the progression of revival of the liver. The proposed model considers important limitations that govern the actions of the drug and its affect on the cell for example, substrate concentration, specific growth rate of infected cells, specific growth rate of the drug , rate of input of drug to the infected cell volume and the concentration of the drug. The results of research show that the proposed analytical model visualizes this property to the specifications of any of the types of liver cells. The proposed model puts the perception of the degree of concentration of the right property for the process of revival of the liver cells.

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