Comparison of Anti-Corrosion Performance of Polyaniline Modified Ferrites

Mittal, V. and Chaudhry, A. U. and Khan, M.I. (2012) Comparison of Anti-Corrosion Performance of Polyaniline Modified Ferrites. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 33. pp. 1452-1457. ISSN 0193-2691

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In this work, spinel based zinc, nickel, and zinc-nickel ferrites were synthesized and modified with oxidatively polymerized polyaniline-phosphate. The corrosion protection behavior of these polymer modified ferrites was investigated after formulating with acrylic primer and subsequent coating on carbon steel panels. Salt spray test revealed that, among all the anticorrosion pigments, polyaniline modified zinc-nickel ferrites showed significantly improved anticorrosion properties. Incorporation of PANI modified zinc and nickel ferrites in the primer coatings also improved the anti-corrosion performance. Pure PANI coatings suffered from adhesion problems with the substrate, which were markedly improved when PANI layered ferrites were introduced in the coatings.

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