Benefiting of The Asiri Folklore to Enrich the Decorative Design of Furnishings

سماحة, وفاء (2014) Benefiting of The Asiri Folklore to Enrich the Decorative Design of Furnishings. المجلة العلمية لكلية التربية النوعية- جامعة المنصورة (36).

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The folklore Asiri art associated with thought and conscience of peoples and expresses their identity through lengthy cultures, Because the art of simple shapes and symbols carry recognizable and interact with them, So it has the goal of research is to detect the beauty of folk art Asiri Representative of the heritage and culture in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And quotation of technical units and the decorative for Heritage People Asiri enriching both the design and beauty side of modern furniture, In that it is designed number (14) proposal and employ them in the decoration of both the upholstery fabric(Reception - sheets - pillow - curtains - Tableau - lampshades cover) And benefit from the program photoshop techniques in the design and conducting several attempts to reach the best value for decorative Fabrics for furniture, It was then preparing the questionnaire made up phrases of two axes and two side (the design - the beauty), And presented to the Messrs faculty specialists for evaluating the proposed designs, And the use of appropriate the statistical analysis method to discuss the hypotheses, The results found that it can benefit from folklore Asiri in enriching the decorative design of Fabrics for furniture, And access to the values of a new beauty and expediency characterized by innovation and modernity and originality.

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