Sonographic evaluation of early pregnancy failure

M.Z, Mahmoud and A, Suleiman and S, Osman and A, Mohamed and M, Musa (2014) Sonographic evaluation of early pregnancy failure. In: Sonographic evaluation of early pregnancy failure, 14-19/9/2014, Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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Objectives: This study was designed with an aim to determine the common causes of early pregnancy failure that occurs in Sudanese pregnant ladies by using ultrasound. Methods: In this prospective study a group of 100 subjects between the ages of 18 and 50 years were examined to determine different types of early pregnancy failure. Study was conducted in different ultrasound departments in Khartoum during one year. Ultrasound brightness mode (B-mode) for pelvis was performed using real time Akola SSD 650 ultrasound machine. The applied ultrasound transducer used was a transvaginal probe with a frequency 5 MHz. Protocols of scanning was designed according to the standard established by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). Results: Diagnosed cases of early pregnancy failure were due to incomplete abortion (50%), complete abortion (17.6%), missed abortion (13.2%), threatened abortion (8.8%), blighted ovum (4.4%), ectopic pregnancy (4.4%) and molar pregnancy (1.5%). subjects diagnosed with early pregnancy failure found to be a passive smokers (44.1%) and alcoholic consumption (2.9%). Clinical conditions as hypertension (44.1%), diabetes mellitus (39.7%) and allergy (25%) were detected in cases diagnosed with early pregnancy failure also. It is important to note that over 40% of the failed pregnancy their partner is smoker. This result is in agreement with the international studies, which reported that smoking is one of the main causes of pregnancy failure. Conclusions: In conclusion, no relation was detected between patient morphological data and pregnancy failure. The most common type of early pregnancy failure is an incomplete abortion and the least common types are molar pregnancy. The passive smoking and hypertension are the highest predisposing factor caused early pregnancy failure. Vaginal bleeding is most symptom presenting early pregnancy failure. A combination of clinical judgment, ultrasound findings and/or hormonal studies should be used in the diagnosis and management of early pregnancy failure.

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