Optical spectroscopy of Eu3+ ions doped in YAl3 (BO3)4 crystal

Ben Amar, Nozha and Koobaa, Tarek and Hsairi, Mohamed Amin and Kebaili, Imen and Dammak, Mohamed (2014) Optical spectroscopy of Eu3+ ions doped in YAl3 (BO3)4 crystal. Journal of Luminescence, 160 (11.045). pp. 95-100. ISSN 0022-2313

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The electronic structure of Eu3þ ions doped in YAl3 (BO3)4 crystal are investigated by means of room temperature absorption and emission spectroscopy in the 15,000–30,000 cm�1 range. The observed transitions are assigned and analyzed on the basis of group theory assuming that Eu3þ ion occupies a D3 symmetry site. Eu3þ Free-ion energy diagram is presented and the corresponding free ion parameters are calculated. Calorimetric parameters of the Eu3þ ions red emission in YAB are calculated (x¼0.67, y¼0.32). The Judd–Ofelt parameterization is applied to the analysis of the room temperature absorption and emission spectra. The intensities parameters are determined as: Ω2¼2.26�10–20 cm2, Ω4¼5.11�10–20 cm2 and Ω6¼0.78�10–20 cm2. These parameters are used to calculate, the line strength, radiative transition probability, fluorescence, branching ratio and radiative lifetime. The calculated 5D0 radiative life time around 3.6 ms is compared with the experimental value. The calculated quantum efficiency is about 35%.

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