Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem for Face and Ear Recognition Based on Fuzzy Vault

Amirthalingam, Gandhimathi and Radhamani, G. (2014) Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem for Face and Ear Recognition Based on Fuzzy Vault. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 7 (20). pp. 4211-4219. ISSN 2040-7459

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Multimodal biometrics technology that uses more than two sorts of biometrics data has been universally applied for person certification and proof. Researchers have advised that the ear may have benefits over the face of biometric recognition. In this study, a technique for face and ear recognition has suggested. The face image and ear images are prearranged as input. From the pre-processed input images, the shape and texture characteristics are removed. The shape of ear and face is attained by suggesting modified region growing algorithm and texture characteristic by Local Gabor XOR Pattern (LGXP) method. To produce the fuzzy vault, the multi-modal biometric template and the input key are employed. For working out, the multi-modal biometric template from face and ear will be erected and it is united with the stored fuzzy vault to produce the final key. Experimental results of suggested method explain promising development in multimodal biometric validation.

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Computer Sciences and Information Systems
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