EvaluationofLeftVentricularSystolic FunctionandMassinPrimary HypertensivePatientsby Echocardiograph

Ali, Shima and Yuman, Li and Adam Mohamed, Mohamed (2018) EvaluationofLeftVentricularSystolic FunctionandMassinPrimary HypertensivePatientsby Echocardiograph. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. 1 -11. ISSN 1550-9613

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Hypertension is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. The accurate evaluation of cardiovascular risk is of paramount importance in the management of hypertensive patients. Conventional echocardiographic methods have provided the assessment of left ventricular systolic function and mass for many years. Tissue Doppler imaging, 3-dimensional echocardiography, and speckle tracking echocardiographyarenewerechocardiographicmodalitiesfortheleftventricularsystolic function and mass quantification. The major emphasis of this review is to evaluate the left ventricular systolic function and mass by conventional and newly developed echocardiographic in hypertensivepatients. Key Words—echocardiography; hypertension; left ventricle; mass; systolic techniques function

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Date Deposited: 29 Dec 2018 13:36
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