Correlation between admission criteria and the subsequent academic performance in a medical school

Bin-Jaliah, Ismaeel and Mahmoud, Syed (2008) Correlation between admission criteria and the subsequent academic performance in a medical school. In: The Fourth Annual Medical Research Day at King Khalid University, May 2008, King Khalid University, Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Abstract|ملخص البحث

Medical schools need selection procedures that are evidence based and legally defensible. To be defensible a selection method must be reliable within and across successive cohorts of applicants. It must select on the basis that it claims to test and it should predict the eventual performance of the potential doctor who is selected. The present study was structured to assess the strength of relationship between the admission criteria and academic performance of students. This was a retrospective longitudinal study using results of five MBBS batches at Baqai medical school. The aggregate scores of Secondary school certificate (SSC), Higher school certificate (HSC) and aptitude test (pre-admission variables) were correlated with aggregate scores in first, second, third and final professional exams (post-admission variables). The predictive validity of the SSC, HSC and aptitude test scores were also explored. Data were entered on SPSS version.10 software. Pearson’s correlation and stepwise regression analysis were carried out using effect models. Although positive relationships were found between SSC, HSC scores and professional exams results, the relationship was weak. Written aptitude test has either no or weak relationship with performance in subsequent professional exams. If considered in combination then SSC, HSC and aptitude test scores had no significant relationship when correlated with professional exams scores. All professional exams had moderately significant positive relationship with each other. The null to low correlations between pre-admission variables and post-admission variables found in this study suggest that the current selection methods employed were affecting the screening process and would subsequently be poor predictors of students’ academic performance during the five year medical course. Admission solely on the basis of previous academic performance can be biased and presumptuous generating a preferable need to develop and apply congruently agglomerated and validated multiple selection tools.

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