An analysis of the study time–grade association at King Khalid Medical College

Mahmoud, Syed and Bahamdan, Khalid and Bin-Jaliah, Ismaeel (2010) An analysis of the study time–grade association at King Khalid Medical College. In: The Saudi International Medical Education Conference (SIMEC2010), organised by the Saudi Society for Medical Education (SSME), April 2010, Jazan University, Jazan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Background: Academic grades are frequently considered as the predictors of academic performance in medical schools. Little is mentioned about the ability of academic grades both at entry and exit ends to predict about the length of study duration in the medical school. The present study aims to explore this effect by asking following research question: Is there any association exists between the study time duration and academic grades in a medical school? Methods: This was a retrospective longitudinal study in which we studied the students (n=539) admitted to the college of medicine, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia between 1999 and 2004. The high school certificate (HSC) scores and grade point average scores (GPA’s) were correlated with the number of semesters studied by each student. Pearson’s correlation and regression analysis were carried out using effect model. Results: This study results do not demonstrate a correlation between HSC scores and study duration (r = -.018). It was observed that there exists a significant correlation between the GPA and duration/semesters i.e., the relationship is weak inverse (r = -22.4). It means that if the duration is decreased by one month, the GPA is increased by .059 score. Conclusion(s): The pre-entry academic grades are not predictive of length of study duration in a medical school. However, low grade point averages seem to prolong the duration of study. It is hence contemplated that some factors influenced the academic process when the study duration is increased. These could be psychological in nature and might be related with performance anxiety.

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