A Fuzzy Vault Based Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem for Enhancing Security

Amirthalingam, Gandhimathi and Janarthanan, G.R. (2019) A Fuzzy Vault Based Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem for Enhancing Security. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING, 7 (1). pp. 768-772. ISSN 2348-2281

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Unimodal Biometric systems stumble upon a noisy sensor acquisition, non-universality performance rate and variety of security problems. It may be inclined to different attacks like a man-in-the-middle attack, Trojan horse attack, collision attack, and replay attack. Template security and privacy are essential issues to be addressed for assuring successful biometric deployment. To overcome these problems, multibiometric systems are now prevalent. In this study, we proposed a method for face and ear multimodal biometric system. The exact shape of the face and ear are obtained by employing a modified region growing algorithm and texture by Local Gabor XOR Pattern (LGXP) technique. Template security and accuracy of the multibiometric system are increased by using fuzzy vault multibiometric cryptosystem. The feasibility of these algorithms for analyzing is obtainable through experimental analysis. The experimental results of the proposed method are evaluated using False Matching Rate (FMR), False NonMatching Rate (FNMR) and Genuine Acceptance Rate (GAR). The performance of the suggested method shows the promising growth in the multimodal biometric recognition and template security.

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Date Deposited: 12 Mar 2019 09:13
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