Silicon Field Emission Display Technology: Characterization, Fabrication and Driving.

Shamim, Mohammed Zubair Silicon Field Emission Display Technology: Characterization, Fabrication and Driving. Lambert Academic Publishing (Germany).

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Flat panel display industry is one of the most prominent technologies in today’s market. The market is estimated to be around $100bn and growing. Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology has mostly resolved the most of the display problems and is currently the dominant mass market consumer display. However, LCD technology has some limitations such as low contrast levels (due to backlight) that are evident for certain applications such as true video rendering of images. New emissive display technologies such organic light emitting diodes (OLED) are making inroads, however they too suffer from issues such as screen burn-in and degradation in light output over period of time. Unfortunately all of these require new manufacturing process and systems preventing manufacturers from making the technology commercially viable. The holy-grail for field emission displays (FED) is to use existing manufacturing processes and materials. Field emission from silicon Spindt-tips usually involve complex photolithography process, thereby making the technology expensive to be commercially viable. Research in using laser annealed planar silicon cold cathode emitters has shown that planar silicon has the potential to become the desired material for field emission displays. The research carried out here, focuses on, characterising these planar silicon emitters by studying their surface morphology, optical and electronic properties, develop prototypes and drive them using bespoke designed driver electronics. Excimer laser crystallisation and aluminium induced crystallisation have been extensively used to create similar emitting characteristics to silicon Spindt-tips without having to perform any complex photolithography.

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