Cloud the Mainstay: Growth of Social Networks in Mobile Environment

IRFAN, MOHAMMED and Ashiquee Rasool, Mohammad and Mohiuddin, Khalid and Moizuddin, Mohammad (2013) Cloud the Mainstay: Growth of Social Networks in Mobile Environment. In: 2013 International Conference on Cloud & Ubiquitous Computing & Emerging Technologies.

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In the present era, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is an emerging cloud service-model following the trend to extend the cloud to the edge of social networks in mobile environment; services offered are dynamic and scalable in nature. It includes numerous mobile devices of different configuration and sizes which are closely associated with users. Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years, and it plays a significant role in our every affairs. These technologies have been providing a platform for easily sharing of data and applications over the internet. Essentially reflects real world relationships and allow users to communicate, create blogs, conduct real time conversations, and share information in medium such as text, picture, audio, video or multimedia. Form digital relationships between one another and in groups for both personal and professional affairs. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, CLUBPENGUIN, Foursquare, TAGGED, and redditare few; gaining more popularity among the internet users in general and intensive users in particular. Cloud has truly impact on social network; increased unprecedented growth in usage over the wirelessheterogeneous network environment too. Whereas mobile could provide much more sustainable resource sharing mechanisms on demand and pay for use; exclusively in dynamic environment. We investigate the impact of cloud on social networks and usage analysis in mobile environment. This work, will definitely a measuring tool for service provider to understand the future trend of mobile usage; encourage all the stakeholders to upgrade the infrastructure and enhance the services more reliable and highly secure.

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