Physico-chemical evaluation and phytochemical potential of a medicinal herb: Butea frondosa Koen. Ex Roxb (leaves)

A. rizvi, A and A.Hussain, A and S.Wahab, s and S. Mishra, s (2014) Physico-chemical evaluation and phytochemical potential of a medicinal herb: Butea frondosa Koen. Ex Roxb (leaves). International Journal of Biomedical And Advance Research, 5 (3). pp. 150-154. ISSN 2229-3809


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Objective: The present work attempts to evaluate the physicochemical and preliminary phytochemical studies on the leaves of Butea frondosa Koen. Ex Roxb, family Fabaceae. Methods: The herbal standardization was carried out on the basis of organoleptic properties, physical characteristics, and physico-chemical properties. Physicochemical parameters including ash values, extractive values, loss on drying, foreign matter were evaluated. Results: Macroscopically leaves were observed to be compound. Lateral leaflets were obliquely ovate, obtuse, round at apex. Its texture was fairly tough. Microscopical leaves have single layered upper and lower epidermis, covered with thick cuticle. Xylem and phloem are arranged in ring. Calcium oxylate crystal were scattered throughout the cells. The total ash, acid insoluble ash and water soluble ash were found to be 10.16%, 2.83%, and 5.16% w/w respectively. Petroleum ether, Chloroform, ethanol and water soluble extractive values (hot)were 2.94%, 3.08%, 5.06%, 10.61%w/w respectively. The pH of 1% and 10% aqueous solution was found to be 6.06 and 5.76 respectively. Preliminary phytochemical screening showed the presence of sterols, tannins, flavonoids, amino acids, glycosides, phenolic compounds, carbohydrates, saponins and alkaloids. Thin layer chromatographic studies also had been done on ethanolic and aqueous extracts. Conclusion: These studies provided referential information for correct identification and standardization of this plant material.

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