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Abbas, Mohamed (2017) An Algorithmic Model to Renew Infected Liver Volumes. 2017 International Conference on Electrical and Computing Technologies and Applications (ICECTA).

Abbas, Mohamed AbdElhamid (2019) Optimal Design of an Intelligent Mobile Microcontroller: Assembling and Maintaining Objects in 3D. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 10 (2). pp. 403-410. ISSN 20904479

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Vineet Tirth (2021) Intelligent Vehicle: Detection of the Speed, Location, Insurance, DL- Validity, Driver-Sleep, Alcohol, Automatic Control with Fine: Fine Notification System (RTO-Data Base). 2021101382.

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Wajid, Mohd and Yadav, Shardul and Usman, Mohammed (2020) Multivariate quadratic regression based direction estimation of an acoustic source. The Journal of Acoustical Society of India, 47 (1). pp. 1-10.

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