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Abdala, Ayman and Elnadeef, Elsadig (2019) The Effectiveness of English Club as Free Voluntary Speaking Activity Strategy in Fostering Speaking Skill in Saudi Arabia Context. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation, 1 (2). pp. 230-235. ISSN 2617-0299

Abdala, Ayman and Elnadeef, Elsadig (2019) English Language Anxiety and Stress among Saudi Students in the First Year at College of Sciences and Arts in Dharan Aljanoob. International Journal of Linguistics, Literature and Translation (IJLLT), 1 (2). pp. 270-275. ISSN 2617-0299

Ahmed, Sameh and Aly, Abdelraheem M. and Raizah, Zehba (2019) Entropy generation due to mixed convection over vertical permeable cylinders using nanofluids. JOURNAL OF KING SAUD UNIVERSITY SCIENCE, 31 (3). pp. 352-361. ISSN 1018-3647

Al-Abdaly, Mohammed and Al-Harthi, Hassan and Al-Harthi, Salem and Almalki, Redwan (2019) Oral Health Status and Gingival Response to Three Different Restorative Materials among Saudi Patients: A Clinical & Histopathological Study. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10 (1). pp. 78-90. ISSN 2158-2882

Alhamami, Munassir (2019) Learners’ beliefs about language-learning abilities in face-to-face & online settings. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education. pp. 16-31.

Alhamami, Munassir and Costello, Hassan (2019) Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Expectations, Needs, and Challenges in a Language Learning and Technology Course. Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 10 (3). p. 593. ISSN 1798-4769

Alhamami, Munassir and Khan, Mohsin Raza (2019) Effectiveness of flipped language learning classrooms and students’ perspectives. Journal on English as a Foreign Language, 9 (1). p. 71. ISSN 2088-1657

Alhassan, Ali (2019) إدارة الارباح باستخدام حسابات الاستحقاق: دراسة تطبيقية في الشركات السعودية. المجلة العربية للإدارة, 39 (1). not yet -not yet. ISSN 1110-5453 (In Press | تم الاجراء)

Alnaami, Ibrahim and Awadalla, Nabil and Alkhairy, Mona and Alburidy, Suleiman and Alqarni, Abdulaziz and Algarni, Almohannad and Alshehri, Rawan and Amrah, Bodoor (2019) Prevalence and factors associated with low back pain among health care workers in southwestern Saudi Arabia. BMC Musculoskelet Disord, 20 (56). pp. 1-7. ISSN 1471-2474

Aly, Abdelraheem and Ahmed, Sameh (2019) Heat transfer enhancement from an inclined plate through a heat generating and variable porosity porous medium using nanofluids due to solar radiation. SN Applied Sciences, 1 (7). pp. 1-13. ISSN 2523-3963

Amirthalingam, Gandhimathi and Janarthanan, G.R. (2019) A Fuzzy Vault Based Multimodal Biometric Cryptosystem for Enhancing Security. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING, 7 (1). pp. 768-772. ISSN 2348-2281

Arnout, Boshra (2019) The Relative Contribution of Psychological Serenity and Self-Regulated Learning Strategies in Predicting Academic Engagement among University Students. International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences, 8 (11). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2319-5886

Arnout, Boshra and Al Qidimi, Fatma and Al Maadi, Khadija (2019) الاحتياجات الإرشادية للطالبات الموهوبات بمنطقة عسير في ضوء رؤية المملكة 2030: خطة مقترحة لإرشاد الموهوبين. المجلة العربية للعلوم ونشر الأبحاث- مجلة العلوم التربوية والنفسية, 3 (7). pp. 131-169. ISSN 2522-3399

Asif, Shaik Mohammed and Naheeda, Shaik and Assiri, Khalil Ibrahim and Almubarak, Hussain Mohammed and Kaleem, Sultan Mohammed and Zakirulla, M. and Baig, Fawaz Abdul Hamid and Kota, Mohammed Zahir (2019) Oral hygiene practice and periodontal status among two tribal population of Telangana state, India- an epidemiological study. BMC Oral Health, 19 (8). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1472-6831


Djellali, Adel and Laouar, Md Salah and Saghafi, Behrooz and AbdelKader, Houam (2019) Evaluation of Cement-Stabilized Mine Tailings as Pavement. Geotechnical and Geological Engineering. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0960-3182

Duraisamy, Sathya and Pugalendhi, Ganesh Kumar and Balaji, Prasanalakshmi (2019) Reducing energy consumption of wireless sensor networks using rules and extreme learning machine algorithm. The Journal of Engineering. pp. 1-6. ISSN 2051-3305


Eid, Ebrahem M. and Arshad, Muhammad and Shaltout, Kamal H. and El-Sheikh, Mohamed A. and Alfarhan, Ahmed H. and Picó, Yolanda and Barcelo, Damia (2019) Effect of the conversion of mangroves into shrimp farms on carbon stock in the sediment along the southern Red Sea coast, Saudi Arabia. Environmental Research, 176. p. 108536. ISSN 00139351

Eissa, Mohamed and Patel, Ayyub Ali and Farag, Shehata and H. Babiker, Nashwa and Al-Shahrani, Malak and Al-Nahari,, Albatool and M. Al Sahmaa, Ali and Al-Shraim, Mubarak (2019) Awareness and Attitude of University Students About Screening and Testing for Hemoglobinopathies: Case Study of the Aseer Region, Saudi Arabia. Hemoglobin, 42 (4). pp. 264-268. ISSN 1532-432X


Hassan, Mohd Zaheen and Alsayari, Abdulrahman and Jawed Ahsan, Mohammed and Abdullah Alshehri, Jaber and Bin Muhsinah, Abdullatif and Begum, Naseem (2019) Aurone: A biologically attractive scaffold as anticancer agent. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 166 (1). pp. 417-431. ISSN 0223-5234

Hussein, Hany S. and Elsyed, Mohamed and Mohamed, Usama and Ismail, Hamada (2019) Spectral Efficient Spatial Modulation Techniques. IEEE Access, 7 (1). pp. 1454-1469. ISSN 2169-3536


MUDASSIR, KHAN (2019) Big data analytics emerging trends, technology and innovations for the future business in the global market. International Journal of Scientific Research and Review, 8 (2). pp. 745-750. ISSN 2279-543X

Meer, Allah Baksh and Zakirulla, M and Ahmed, Maaz and Asif, Shaik Mohammed and Almubarak5, Hussain and Badr Alghamdi, Sondos (2019) PROCESS OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT LEADING TO AN OBESITY CRISIS: A REVIEW. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL RESEARCH, 6 (1). pp. 632-635. ISSN 2394-3211

Megahed, Mona and Raju, Janula and R.A., Chithra and Abdalla, Nahid (2019) Maternal Attitude and Satisfaction towards Involvement of Nursing Students in their Care. International Journal of Science and Research, 8 (2). pp. 86-90. ISSN 2319-7064

Megahed, Mona and Raju, Janula and R.A., Chithra and Abdallah Ahmed Elabas, Nahid (2019) Maternal Attitude and Satisfaction towards Involvement of Nursing Students in their Care. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR), 8 (2). pp. 86-90. ISSN 2319-7064


Raizah, Zehba (2019) Natural Convection of Dusty Hybrid Nanofluids in an Enclosure Including Two Oriented Heated Fins. APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 9 (13). pp. 1-17. ISSN 2076-3417

Raizah, Zehba and Aly, Abdelraheem M. (2019) MIXED CONVECTION IN AN INCLINED NANOFLUID FILLED-CAVITY SATURATEDWITH A PARTIALLY LAYERED POROUS MEDIUM. Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 11 (4). pp. 1-16. ISSN 1948-5085


Reddy, Ravi S. and Alahmari, Khalid A. and Silvian, Paul S. and Ahmad, Irshad A. and Kakarparthi, Venkata Nagaraj and Rengaramanujam, Kanagaraj (2019) Reliability of Chest Wall Mobility and Its Correlation with Lung Functions in Healthy Nonsmokers, Healthy Smokers, and Patients with COPD. Canadian Respiratory Journal, 2019. pp. 1-11. ISSN 1198-2241


Sultan, Mohammed Kaleem and Asif, Sheik, and hussain, mubarak and mansour, sharif and Chalikkandy Sandeepa, Nuchlakath (2019) Negligence or tumor aggressiveness: A case report of recurrent ameloblastoma. Negligence or tumor aggressiveness: A case report of recurrent ameloblastoma, 7 (1-4). pp. 1-4. ISSN eISSN: 2050313X

Syed, Sadatullah and Syed, Yassin and Dawasaz, Ali and Mohammed, Amanullah and AlShahrani, Ibrahim and togoo, rafi ahmad (2019) Salivary 1,5-Anhydroglucitol and Vitamin Levels in Relation to Caries Risk in Children. Biomed Research International, 2019 (450345). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2314-6141

samaha, wafaa and Mahmoud, Rania (2019) الإمكانات الفنية التشكيلية للزخارف العسيرية كمدخل لإثراء القيمة الجمالية لعباءة التخرج لطالبات جامعة الملك خالد. المؤتمر الدولى السادس للفنون التطبيقية بدمياط, 1 (1). pp. 1-20.


Tarique, Mohammad Tarique Jamali and Dr Abhijeet chakarborty, Dr Abhijeet chakarborty (2019) To Calculate the Validity of Alternate Formula for Production Rate to Design for Un-Paced Production Line When Unbalancing the Workloads. Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education, 16 (1). pp. 24-27. ISSN 2230-7540

Tarique, Mohammad Tarique Jamali and Dr. Abhijeet Chakarborty, Dr. Abhijeet Chakarborty (2019) To Calculate the Alternate Formula for Production Rate When the When the Degree of Imbalance (D) in A Un-Paced Production Line. Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education, 16 (1). pp. 20-23. ISSN 2230-7540

Tarique, mohammad tarique jamali and S.N, Poonawala (2019) A STUDY OF WASTE MANANAGEMENT OF DAMAGED CAR/ AUTO VEHICLE THOSE DUMPED IN WAREHOUSES THROUGH PRODUCTION LINE AND DEVELOP THE. International Journal of Current Research, 11 (1). pp. 339-350. ISSN ISSN: 0975-833X


Zakirulla, M and Muraih, Amerah Bedah and Al-whlan, Amjad Ali and Almerei, Ohood Saeed and Hussain Al-zahrani, Rasha and Bedah Alshahrani, Abdulaziz (2019) Dental students’ knowledge and practices regarding antibiotic prescribing guidelines in children in Abha, KSA: A cross-sectional study. Medical Science, 23 (96). pp. 179-184. ISSN 2321-7367

Zakirulla, M. and Almubarak, Hussain and Fageeh, Sahar N. and Alghothimi, Abeer A. and Alqahtani, Saleh Khalid and Alqahtani, Faris Mohammed and Alshahrani, Fahad Thamer (2019) Awareness and Behaviour Related to Orthodontic Treatment among School Children in Aseer Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Open Journal of Stomatology, 09 (04). pp. 87-94. ISSN 2160-8709


اللتيني, يحيى and آل موسى, سعيد (2019) ما جاء على غير حاله من كلام العرب في الأفعال. مجلة الدراسات اللغوية والأدبية, 10 (1). pp. 155-172. ISSN 2180-1665

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